When briefed to propose a media platform that would work across Constellation Europe’s core wine brands. We had the fitting idea of sponsoring Channel 4’s cult classic reality TV show ‘Come Dine With Me’. We created a series of distinctive sponsorship idents that differentiated the brands while retaining a thematic link to the show. These were refreshed several times between 2009 and 2011. The three brands also received extensive through the line support whilst they aired. The results were impressive. The 2010 sponsorship reached an estimated 40 million consumers and saw Hardys take the lead as the UK’s number one wine brand growing at 12% per annum.
Hardys 'Come Dine With Me' TVC Idents
BRIEF: Cement the brand’s monumental rise to the top in UK brand awareness, and
re-establish Hardys as THE dinner party wine. 
DELIVERY: The ‘Hardys, recipe for dinner party success’ concept and magical animating
book was developed. The series idents add value by being informative and entertaining
as they give quirky dinner party tips.
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